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Men killed in Falllujah were US mercenaries

A week ago, alternet ran a story about one of the many mercenary outfits being hired by the Pentagon in Iraq, using US tax dollars. Now it turns out that the 4 Americans which the Pentagon tried so hard to deny a connection to, killed in Fallujah today, were exactly this kind of mercenary, based […]

“Coalition of the willing” becoming less and less “willing”

Agence France-Presse reports that from Spain to Italy to Australia the pressure is heating up to withdraw troops from Iraq; in Spain that is actually the plan at this point. This does not take into account the bloody incidents today. Since the overwhelming majority of the people in all 3 of those “willing” countries […]

O’Franken Factor a success?

Who knows, so many people are hitting the RealAudio stream that it’s choking. Which raises a question – unless RealNetworks gives them money, why not use streaming mp3? It’s free you know Al…

More “progress” in Iraq, Bush-style

After a weeklong “offensive” in Fallujah by US Marines which mostly consisted of shooting at anything that moves in Fallujah, Iraq (they were new to the area, replacing the US Army’s 82nd Airborne) some Iraqis have blown up an SUV with at least 4 people inside that AP says are probably American. Note the photos; […]

Where are all these pop-up ads coming from?

The Republican Party is now bombarding people with web browser pop-ups, as if the $200 million plus TV ad campaign is not enough. Since Mozilla blocks pop-up ads from the first day, this “synergy” approach only works with people who use the browser made by the #1 surviving contributor to the #2 vote-winning 2000 Presidential […]

Welcome to the “blog”

Here it is. Completely default and uncreative. I’m just glad I got it to work. Post comments below. Next I’ll be creating a news category; currently I’m the only one who can start an article here but that will change. For now, post comments after an article I write. go nuts, use your real name […]