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Colorado Doctor Says Murder Was Done by “Fascist Movement”

And he is correct. We do have a violent, fascist movement in this country. They killed 168 people in Oklahoma City in 1995. These fascists killed innocent people at the Olympics in Atlanta in 1996, and innocent people working at women’s clinics across the US in the 1990s, including policemen. Right this very minute, they […]

Abu Ghraib, ACLU Photos Are Two Different Things

This is a correction from my previous diary about Taguba. The UK telegraph incorrectly concluded that the photographs Taguba acknowledges from Abu Ghraib, and the 44 being withheld in an ACLU lawsuit by Obama, are the same thing. Apparently there is either little, or no overlap whatsoever, between the Abu Ghraib photos that Taguba has […]

Kansas Doctor Assassinated in Church

This is American terrorism in the same vein as the Oklahoma City bombing and Eric Rudolph. These people have to be stopped, it will be revealed that the killer located the doctor with help from people on the internet.

Obama Files Petition To Block Uighurs From Entering US

This is crossing a line if you ask me, a line of cowardice. The Uighurs pose no threat, and would probably be fine in Indonesia, so what if they state in the states for a while. In my opinion it is very wrong for any President of the US to show any fear whatsoever of […]

Taguba Says He Has Not Seen Obama’s 44 Withheld Photos

In an interview with Salon, Taguba points out that the torture he has been referring to at Abu Ghraib and photos thereof are not the same thing as the 44 photographs Obama reneged on releasing to the ACLU.

Taguba Confirms Photos of Rape, Child Rape at Abu Ghraib

In an interview in England. I believe a number of the most grisly photos involve “contractors” who are wearing US Army uniforms, and this is the excuse that Obama is using internally for not releasing them.

PA Democrat to Run Against Arlen Specter

Harry Reid won’t like it. Good.


This time for lying to the White House and thereby the American people, when trying to get the job as Director of Homeland Security as appointed by Bush. Bush chose and appointed a multiple felon, for political reasons, to be in charge of protecting the homeland of the United States.


Will someone ask him if there is “undue influence” in the fact that seven of the court’s nine members are white males? Jim Inhofe is a racist and this is pure racial politics, 1940s Dixiecrat style.

General Motors Headed for Bankruptcy

It was for decades the largest corporation on earth.