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Armed Man Takes Hostages at Clinton Campaign Office in NH

Going on now.

UPDATE: The AP has a story up now on this. Rush Limbaugh has already grabbed his microphone to say “he is demanding to speak to Clinton” (as far as I can tell this is a fabrication on Limbaugh’s part and “it is obvious that she brought this on herself.” He’s saying this […]

Other Shoe Drops on Giuliani

Yesterday it was his trips to the Hamptons on taxpayer money to be with his pre-9/11 mistress. Today, ABC reports that he was using NYPD as a limo service for his girlfriend while mayor. This one may stick. I don’t mention the primaries much but this is where they could begin to get genuinely interesting….


Ark. Lawmaker Sends White Supremacist e-mail

This is downright amazing in a way that rivals any of the very worst in the Oklahoma legislature. Sickening. The italics and emphasis below are mine.

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (AP) — An Arkansas legislator apologized Thursday for an e-mail in which he wrote that “we are being outpopulated by the blacks” and “we are being […]

Iraqi Parliament Walks Out

In protest of their own treatment by US military guards in the Green Zone.

NATO Airstrike Kills Corps of Engineers Road Workers

While they slept in their tents.

Roberts Family Blames God Again

Why is God always the one who does something with this family, not them? Are they simply never responsible for their own actions?

“Illegal Immigrant” Saves Orphaned Boy’s Life in Desert Crash

So he was deported like everyone else La Migra gets their hands on.

Bush Donor Convicted in Oil-For-Food Iraq Scam

So here is the FIRST US CONVICTION EVER in the infamous “oil for food scandal,” the darling of the rightwing conspiracy theorists, liars, and Iraq warmongers for years. He’s a Bush backer and a Texas oilman.

Cheney Hospitalized With Serious Heart Problem

This could be a serious test for George W. Bush. If Cheney is unable to continue “serving,” will Bush appoint a political hopeful for election 08, or a caretaker whose main job will be coverup and destruction of documents? I predict the latter.

Gonzales’ First Public Appearance

A $40,000 speech at the U. of Florida, didn’t go so well.

Video news report: