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Bernard Kerik On Suicide Watch?

Why won’t his buddy Bush help him? Are the obamabots torturing Bernie?

Presidential Salute

When the photo on the left was taken in 2003, Sgt. Dale Griffin, who is being saluted here by President Obama, was already serving in the Army. Associated Press – October 29, 2009 7:14 AM ETTERRE HAUTE, Ind. (AP) – A soldier from western Indiana is among more than a dozen Americans killed in […]

Gunman Attacks LA Synagogue, Shooting Two

At least two people shot in this attack, the gunman has NOT been caught yet.

Wingnut Wipeout

An inside look at Team Birther, in the form of a tell-all court document. The really wacky stuff start on page 8 and 9.


This means not only that the CIA lied to top lawmakers, but that all of those who attacked Pelosi’s version of events owe her an apology.

Sanford GOP Prosecutor Caught With “Stripper”

What else is new in the world of politics. Meanwhile, another state legislator, this one in Wisconsin, takes his “libertarianism” a bit too far.

GOP Hits All Time Low in Polling History

Less popular than during the last days of Bush. Teaparty, anyone?

Independent Statistical Test Proves Global Warming

Not that it matters to Jim Inhofe, who is pushing something worse than ignorance.

Detroit For Sale – With Few Buyers

This auction is only for land foreclosed on as of 2006. They haven’t even started selling the foreclosed properties caused by the GM-Chrysler collapse.

Bush Says He Regrets “Mission Impossible” Banner

“Mission Impossible?” There are Freudian slips, and then there are serious Freudian slips. That gives me a chance to bring back the former unofficial logo of this blog: