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Bush Official Was Helping Qaddafi This Month

Plotting against NATO and also the Libyan rebels. At some point, doesn’t this violate the law? Everyone has a right to disagree with US policy, but helping a dictator hang on to power during a period of mass murders of dissidents?

Chernobyl Radiation Levels 40km From Fukushima Plant

Yes, worse than ever predicted, unless you count the predictions made by this blog.

Chief NASA Scientist Arrested At White House

This pipeline is bullshit and the arrest seems historic to me.

Watch the latest video at

Perry: Social Security is “A Monstrous Lie”

It’s becoming more and more obvious that most of these GOP candidates are just running to pick up campaign bucks, not to win the Presidency. I think that Romney actually thinks he can be President, but most of the others, not so much.

West Memphis 3 Released

They have always been innocent. A disgrace forever on the prosecutors, who are still polluting Arkansas politics. They should be jailed.

Appeals Court Rules Health Care Mandate Unconstitutional

So the individual mandate to buy health insurance has been upheld by one appeals court and struck down by another. The rest of the law has been upheld and now the US Supreme Court will decide.

It’s That Easy

Think Progress gets walking, talking living political joke Sarah Palin to reiterate that “corporations are people” as Mitt Romney infamously said yesterday. As you all know, I very rarely post anything about Palin on here, but I think that Think Progress should get some credit for moving so rapidly.

Pray For Rain, Don’t Believe Science Can Help You

This is what today’s elected US Congressional officials say in the year 2011. This teabaggery is probably the reason that despite the fact that Congress is more hated than ever, Democrats just make a big comeback in the polls after the GOP-induced “debt crisis.”

Gallup also asked registered voters how a Tea Party endorsement would […]

Mitt’s A Moron

Obama’s Stimulus Worked

It worked well, in fact, it was not “too small to work” it just should have been bigger in order to actually boost the economy more. This article is worth keeping and using as evidence in any debate you might have with someone. The graph illustrates the effect it actually had, the left hand part […]