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Republicans Laugh at Republicans

On morning TV cable news:

Meanwhile, Republicans counter-attack other Republicans on the Senate floor:

Karzai Legalizes Rape in Afghanistan

The US is fighting a war to defend this guy.

The most controversial parts of the law deal explicitly with sexual relations. Article 132 requires women to obey their husband’s sexual demands and stipulates that a man can expect to have sex with his wife at least “once every four nights” when travelling, unless they […]

Pinochet Prosecutor Reviews Possible Torture Charges Against 6 Bush Officials

This is no joke.

Bush Manager Destroyed Retirement Fund of 44 Million Americans

“Destroyed” is my term; the total amount is not known yet but I predict that when more is revealed this will be the mainstream term for what this Bush appointee did.

He Knew Nothing

Abu Zubaida, the US’s most famous torture victim, provided practically nothing to his US torturers, because he didn’t know much of anything about Al Qaeda. This article links to the original story in the Washington Post, but the author, Froomkin, gives the journalistic history of this story which goes all the way back to Ron […]

Obama Forces Out GM Chief

This is not directly stated in the story, but I believe this is what happened. Â We’ll hear more in the morning as Obama reveals his next phase in the bailout plan.

Bush Booed by Pro Wrestling Fans

Wrestling fans hate Bush more than the sledgehammer molester. Now there is a headline you can sink your teeth into.

The Last Pro-Labor Republican

Is gone. Arlen Specter, the Joe Lieberman of the Republican Party, has stabbed Pennsylvania workers, who have supported him for his entire career, in the back, and spectacularly.

Treasury, Not Dodd, Protected Wall St. Bonuses in Stimulus Bill

I don’t like Geithner at all, but while reading this latest installment in the saga keep in mind that so far Geithner has not been allowed to have an of his deputies or assistants due to Republican blockage. Why does that matter? It means the liaison with Congress, and therefore the insertion of the exemption […]

Red Cross: US Tortured Prisoners Extensively

An internal confidential report was leaked to Mark Danner.

Often using the detainee’s own words, the report offers a harrowing view of conditions at the secret prisons, where prisoners were told they were being taken “to the verge of death and back,” according to one excerpt. During interrogations, the captives were routinely beaten, doused with […]