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“$16 Muffins” Never Happened

That’s the end of that. No it isn’t, the myth will be repeated for months if not years.

Health Care Reform Headed To Supreme Court

The Obama administration decided against doing anything that would delay the Supreme Court’s final decision on the constitutionality of the Health Care Reform law. Since I believe the bill will be upheld as constitutional, I think this was the right move.

UPDATE: The administration is more aggressive about getting the Court to move on the […]

NYPD Caught On Camera

Well done piece from cable news by Lawrence O’Donnell.

Key Decision For Obama Administration Today

The results will be significant either way, but the decision is today. I think they should request a review by the full court, because the health care law is clearly constitutional and I think the full court would rule that way.

Senate Rejects Anti-Green Extortion 59-36

Now we’ll see if Boehner follows through on his bluff to shut down the government by taking the House into recess without funding FEMA disaster relief.

Will Reid Cave To Boehner’s Extortion?

Read this and contemplate what the Republican Party has done to the Congress of the United States. The House Republicans are set to flee Washington, D.C. on a totally undeserved recess at a time that the federal budget, for which the fiscal year begins October 1st, is totally unfunded and unstructured. The reason they are […]

GOP Debate Audience Boos Soldier On Duty In Iraq

They sent him there, now they hate him publicly, booing him while he risks his life in the war they demanded.

Boehner: Kill Green Energy Or We’ll Shut Down The Government

Despicable and happening under the radar.

Racist Deadbeat Dad And Congressman Attacks President

This guy is in Congress, people. He was elected to the US Congress. A transcript from an interview below. At the link there is video of the statements below.

BOZELL: [Y]ou see this administration playing class warfare and race warfare games. Now, that’s their problem. But what does it say about the national media that […]

GOP Leadership Formally Urges Fed Not To Create Jobs

Yes they really did it. Yes, they really did it. This is literally what they did. But that’s OK, Americans don’t need to recovery any of the 2.8 million jobs sent to China since 2001 anyway.