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The Harder They Fall

Go to hell, scumbag. The special hell for crooked prosecutors.

“Mysterious” Fire in Iraq’s Central Bank Destroys Records

Hardly covered in most of the US media.

Bush Stops Troop Reductions in Iraq

At the same time “Surgerrific” McCain wins Florida, gets Giuliani endorsement.

Five US Soldiers Killed in Mosul

Five killed at once as the Mosul area continues to heat up. The nonstop assassination of Sunni tribal leaders who take the bribes to side with the US is starting to have a serious effect. The next phase will be when these “anti Al Qaeda” groups, heavily armed and financed by the US, turn on […]

Musharraf Plans Theft of Pakistani Election

Bans exit polls; Bush will still probably praise these stolen elections.

Bush Threatens To Veto “Essential” Surveillance Law

Bush has now directly threatened to veto the entire law on domestic surveillance if it does not contain retroactive immunity for past lawbreaking by telecommunications companies. At the same time, he insists that if this law expires on February 1st as scheduled, that we will be in grave danger. He is directly threatening to put […]

Oklahoma Anti-Immigration Law Kills Tulsa Baby

And that baby was an American citizen. Just like the other American citizens who are being arrested and deported to countries they’ve never seen.

Major Break Possible in Telecom Immunity Battle

Bush has just caved and agreed to let House Committees see documents about the illegal warrantless wiretapping. Simultaneously, Harry Reid delayed the next telecom immunity vote, in which the pro-immunity side needs 60 to proceed, until Monday. This means that House Committee staff and members, who will begin viewing the White House documents today, have […]

Home Prices Declined in 2007, First Time Since 1968

Home prices down 1.8% in 2007.

Bush Admin Finally Finds Use for Duct Tape

To censor EPA documents headed for Congress. Somehow they just weren’t smart enough to figure out that Chairman Boxer would simply order her staff to peel the tape off. Don’t miss the video.