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“Ministry of Fear”: Newsweek Prints the Forbidden Word

COVER-UP. Newsweek may use a rhetorical question mark in their headline, but then so did Time in the article about Cheney didn’t they? Fay has questioned no one above the rank of Colonel. Cheney worker Douglas Feith is shaping up as a major player in all of the evidence as one of the top bad […]

Bush’s sicko Saddam souvenir violates firearms laws


Cover-up of Abu Ghraib murders began on May 12

Talk about the cat already being out of the bag before taking action…..

Halliburton’s No-Bid deal went through Cheney’s VP Office

Time Magazine article.

TIMELINE of the Cover-Up

March 3rd, 2004 – Taguba finishes his report and turns it in. In the report, he names Military Intelligence and not the MPs as “directly or indirectly responsible” for the torture at Abu Ghraib, and calls for an immediate and thorough investigation of the MI units attached to the prison (this was beyond the scope […]

New York Times Gets Classified Ryder Report

Link here. This predated the Taguba report.

“In one incident described in detail by the senior Army officer, an aggressive roundup in September brought 57 Iraqis into custody. But a review by military intelligence officers at Abu Ghraib determined that only two of them had intelligence value and that the rest should be freed.

An […]

50 Hostages taken – sound familiar?

Link here use newtzi/isanazi for user/pass when it asks for login and set a cookie


An “AP exclusive” story. Or the illustrated version here.

New Iraqi PM’s Group WAS the “single source”

Of the “45 minutes to launch WMDs” claim. Take that, Chalabi.

NYT: Guantanamo “interrogators” were sent to Iraq

So England, Frederick, Davis and Graner ordered these MI people sent over from Cuba. Damn them! Is there no end to their evil? Here is the Independent’s version.