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National Debt Clock Near “Rollover”

The famous national debt sign is running out of room.

Scalia to First Amendment: “Vaffanculo”

That means, in English, “fuck you.”

Atrios, the famous blogger, says this:

…My vast research into Sicilian obscenities reveals that while the word/sign is used as we would use “fuck you” or similar it actually means something along the lines of “go take it in the ass.”

Scalia did this in a Catholic Church […]

Senators Lie to Supreme Court on Guantanamo Case

Many different sources on this but thanks to despotmachine for reminding me of this story. What I still would like to know is, does the false “conversational” sounding dialogue appear in the Congressional Record? I doubt it.

Ward Sutton Rules

Note the art style, Mad magazine circa 1957-great!

Rice Vetoed Multiple Attempts to Kill Zarqawi

NBC News from back in 2004. Remind me again why it would be a “brilliant” political move to make her VP so she can run in 2008? Anyone?

Abramoff, Kidan Get Five Years Ten Months for SunCruz Fraud

The $23 million ripoff gets five years ten months for a prison sentence. But write a bad check for $100 and you’ll get at least two years in prison in just about any state. This is a separate case from the gangland-style murder of the man they ripped off, and also separate from the Washington […]

Iraq Spins Even Farther Into Total Chaos

Roundup of today’s news by Juan Cole, here is just one example of the horrors:

A young physician in Kirkuk confessed on Kurdistan television Monday to having been an serial killer on behalf of the guerrillas, giving lethal injections to more than 40 Iraqi soldiers and police or denying them oxygen. At the same time, […]


They’re hitting the protesters with tear gas and water cannons now. The kids seem to be enjoying the water cannons (not very strong) but of course not the tear gas.

Baghdad Governor Suspends Cooperation With US

Radio Free Europe. All negotiations about a new Iraqi government have stopped, as well. If the US considers the type of raid carried out yesterday to be “essential” to the war plan, and it is universally condemned by Iraqis when it happens, then we are quite evidenly at a total impasse, and “victory” as defined […]


This is Juan Cole’s possible explanation for the massacre in Iraq yesterday. read it here. AP Television News has the video of the victims, dead in pools of blood on the floor of what sure looks like a religious place to me.