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2 US Soldiers Killed in Iraq; Multiple Bombs in Shi’ite Areas

The total is now 2,997.

US Soldiers: More Disapprove of Bush’s Job on Iraq than Approve

Military Times- 42% to 35%.

Shias Dance Around Executed Hussein’s Body

Sorry I couldn’t be there to see you off, old friend, I have job problems

The insane sectarian provocation was reported on Iraqi television, which could only be received inside the Green Zone. The power was out over the rest of Baghdad.

UPDATE: Car bomb in Shi’ite town kills 34. And December is now […]

OJ Alert

Saddam Hussein to be hanged within the hour, reports cable news on Friday evening at 8PM CST. The BBC reports rumors of a gallows having been built in the Green Zone, let’s hope that is not true. Hanging Saddam in a US-military controlled area would be pointlessly counterproductive.

UPDATE: US-backed Iraqi TV is reporting that […]

100th December Service Death in Iraq

The total is now 2991. And 41 bodies were found dumped in one place alone in Baghdad.

Americans: Bush #1 Villain By a Landslide

This guy refuses even to go to President Ford’s funeral. What is wrong with him?

Ford “Very Strongly” Disagreed with Iraq Invasion

Woodward has been sitting on this. Another one for the now-he-tells-us department, in the case of both Woodward and Ford. I know of some 3,000 Americans and their families who would have liked to see Ford talk about this in public as a former President, before the decision was made.

Gerald Ford Dies

Will history grant him a “full, free, and absolute pardon” for his activities in office? Since my position at the time was that Nixon had to be tried for the sake of the country’s future, then I must ask how different would history have been if he had allowed Richard Nixon to face the […]

Iraq US Death Toll Surpasses 9/11

While George Bush slept with a belly full of Christmas food at Camp David, three more Americans were killed violently in Iraq. What does the Iraq death toll have to do with the 9/11 death toll? Nothing. Every time someone makes a connection between the two, they are likely reinforcing the idea that the Iraq […]

US-Backed Political Coalition Vetoed

Sistani has decided not to support SCIRI, the only major Shi’ite rival to Moqtada al-Sadr. Bush’s anti-Iraq Study Group plan was to create an alliance with Sistani endorsing Hakim and the SCIRI party, and using them to outmaneuver Sadr. It has failed, and the “way forward” is clear now and inevitable. Sadr is the next […]