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Fox “News” Airs Live Suicide In Random Car Chase

As if their chase for ratings and sensationalism were not bad enough, two different “media watcher” websites captured the video and have posted it unedited on the internet in order to get more clicks on their sites for advertising reasons.

Listen To Samuel L. Jackson

Before it’s too late.

Romney: Bain “Harvests” Companies For Maximum Profit, Not Jobs

Mother Jones has another Romney talks business to rich people video, this one from 1985.

Clown Addresses United Nations

Déjà vu from 2002.

Fox: Our Polls Are Biased In Favor Of Obama!

A week ago their own network had Obama ahead by 7 in Ohio and Virginia, and 5 percentage points Florida. The next one (how long will they delay the release of the poll?) from Fox will show an even wider margin.

Republican Congressman Is An Unpunished Felon

He needs to be put inside a prison as soon as possible.

Romney Fail Of The Day

First in a series I should have inaugurated a long time ago.

Romney Had 9% Tax Rate In 2011

But he chose to pay more on purpose to make things look better.

Ann Romney: “This Is Hard”

So I guess Romney really is George W. Bush all over again.

More Secret Romney Videos Revealed by NBC