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GOP Chief in Florida: “Black People are Voting!”

They don’t hide it when they are in big trouble.

The threat: Here in Temple Terrace, FL our Republican HQ is one block away from our library, which is an early voting site. I see carloads of black Obama supporters coming from the inner city to cast their votes for Obama. This is their chance […]

John Boehner: Bush DOJ Run By “Obama Partisans”

Anything and everything must be said to further the racist conspiracy theories to explain the massive GOP loss of this election.

Early Voting in OK Heavy

According to local news, talk-hate station KTOK, the lines are two hours long at the Oklahoma County Election Board and traffic is backed up for 10 blocks with more people trying to get in and vote. Early voting like this is not good news for McCain, anywhere in the country. Not even in Oklahoma.

Colorado Voter Purge Overturned

Now let’s fix the disgrace in Georgia. This is yet another extra coffin in the nail of the McCain campaign, the worst campaign for President by either Party since WWII.

Obama Close in Louisiana

That’s right, Louisiana.

Shot to Hell

McCain campaign has nothing, nothing, left, except more innuendo, lies and smears with no foundation. They know that we know it.

Al Franken Will Win in Minnesota

Norm Coleman has sued him. That’s all you need to know.

Joe The Plumber Goes AWOL

He must have been talking to his agent.

DOJ Won’t Intervene In Ohio

Game over. Election will be called for Obama when the Eastern Time Zone returns are in.


Damned near unbelievable.