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Inhofe Introduces Bill Based On Conspiracy Theory

This is one of the most crackpot things done by a US Senator in the Senate chamber in 100 years.

“Why They Need All Those Bullets?”

According to liar Matt Drudge, this will be the year for racist liar Alex Jones. Elected Republican members of Congress and Fox “News” seem to agree. Tamerlan Tsarnaev, cop killer, child murderer and lead man in the Boston bomb attacks, a fan of Alex Jones, would agree as well but he’s dead now. Jones’ lies […]

Non-Stop Gun Slaughter Across The Country Continues

This dwarfs the number of people killed, and even the number of people wounded, in the Boston bombing and shootouts.

Manchester, Ill. — Five people were fatally shot at a housing complex about 4:30 a.m. today — a 65-year-old grandmother, her 22-year-old granddaughter, the granddaughter’s boyfriend, a 5-year-old boy, and a 1-year-old boy. A 6-year-old […]

GOP State Rep Accuses John Kerry Of Orchestrating Boston Bombing

This is what an elected officials from the Republican Party thinks. And he stays in office, too.

Town Of West, Texas Has No Water

Water mains have been crushed by the shock wave of the explosion of the totally unsafe plant, which was itself a wholly criminal operation. The very reason this plant existed was to do something it was illegal for them to do, produce and store explosive ammonium nitrate next to a school and private residences.

Elvis Was Framed By A Republican

A Republican politician is now suspected of framing an Elvis impersonator for sending threatening letters that tested positive for ricin to US Senators and the President.

Richie Havens Has Died


An MIT campus police officer has been killed, and a transit policeman shot and in serious condition in Watertown, Massachusetts nearby some time later. An enormous collection of police and law enforcement has converged in the Watertown area and there was a gun battle involving explosives (used by the suspects) on Laurel Street, Watertown. One […]

57 US Senators Vote To Loosen Gun Laws

57 US Senators voted yesterday to force all 50 states to accept the concealed-weapon licenses from other states, which in my opinion is also a constitutional violation of the sovereignty of the states. Here are their names. Concealed weapons licenses in Florida are issued by the Department of Agriculture, which is by design because that […]

Unsafe Fertilizer Plant Destroys Part Of Texas Town

The town of West, Texas has just been hit harder than Boston.

Texas has virtually no zoning laws, unions are busted by “right to work,” and residences and schools right next to industrial plants are common. In this case it has cost many lives.

At 2:00 in this video you can see what […]