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Bush Was Told Tillman’s Death Probably Friendly Fire

Associated Press chronicles the predictable, weekly Friday night dump of horrific, disgusting information about the poseur who says he is the US President.

178 Dead in Iraq; Murderers of 70 freed

Bodies keep piling up, 178 killed and look what happened in Bush’s shining example town, Tal Afar:

Hours after truck bombs killed 85 people on Tuesday in a Shi’ite area of Tal Afar, up to 70 Sunni Arab men were shot dead in a town which only a year ago was held up by U.S. […]

15-year-old Spends Year in Prison for Shoving a Teacher

In Paris, Texas.

Goodling’s Lawyer Implies Laws Were Broken

She works directly for the freaking Attorney General of the United States (or at least she did before suddenly taking a leave of absence last week).

But one of Goodling’s lawyers, John Dowd, said in a statement yesterday that “the potential for legal jeopardy for Ms. Goodling from even her most truthful and accurate testimony […]

David Stockman Charged With Fraud

25 years too late of course. He will hopefully be taking the “tricklek-down” route to prison pretty soon.


All that Leahy has to do now is give her immunity and the walls will come crashing down. All of the pundit class (except for the blogs) now have egg on their face, a government employee witness pleading the fifth to every question, who works directly with the White House, is the definition of criminal […]

Where Were the US Soldiers?

I thought US soldiers were now stationed in each Iraqi police station in Baghdad?

March 25 (Reuters) – Following are security developments in Iraq as of 2045 GMT on Sunday: * Denotes new or updated item. * DIYALA – Four soldiers were killed north of Baghdad in Diyala, a restive province where U.S. commanders recently […]

Rove Politicized the GSA

This is a disgrace.

Gagged National Security Letter Victim Speaks

What it’s like at the receiving end of an illegal National Security Letter, of which the FBI has issued thousands.

280 Documents Dumped; Gonzales Lied About Involvement

He’s finished.