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More Evidence Against Bolton

Ray McGovern points out quite good evidence that indicates Bolton may have been the one who got the Niger falsehoods inserted into the State of the Union address. Now who would be more motivated to whack Wilson in July 2004 when he goes public with this fiasco?

Secret Memo: Send to be Tortured



TIME– Last time I heard, Carl Ford (the one who gave the withering testimony about Bolton in the confirmation hearings) was still “unreachable on vacation in the Ozarks.” Let’s hope he stays safe.

Justice Blocked for Denver Three

Apparently under the new “struggle against violent extremism” it is OK to impersonate a Secret Service Officer, or Treasury Police as they are officially known.

“I demand to face George W. Bush”

New York Times.

Ohio Governor’s Chief of Staff Guilty

In coingate crimes.

Washington Post: The Truth About Abu Ghraib

An editorial that takes a stand.

Bolton Lied Under Oath in Confirmation Hearings

He in fact was interviewed as part of the original go-nowhere Inspector General investigation by the CIA and State Dept. jointly into the Niger-Plame affair. Earlier today even, the State Dept. said he had not been interviewed, then reversed itself. Why? Because someone from Joe Biden’s staff just directly asked the Inspector General, who contradictedt […]

Military Objected all the Way to Torture Program

New York Times – now the Pentagon and CIA both have people getting it on the record that they disagreed with Bush all along, and refuse to cover for his mistakes.