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Pentagon Used “Soviet” Torture Techniques

A new report shows that the Pentagon based many of its torture techniques on information from the SERE program, which was a US military training program designed to withstand anticipated Soviet-designed torture techniques during the cold war. I actually speculated this before in the past, but here is the proof. This was started at Guantanamo, […]

TB Carrier Was Marrying into CDC Family

This just took a very weird turn. Why was this guy so insistent on getting back to the states?

Turkey Sends More Tanks to Iraq Border

This is no joke.

Project for the New American Bachelor

Well done.

Cheney Ordered Visitor Logs Destroyed

This is illegal and all of the records may already have been destroyed. This covers the time period before and during Libby’s trial, too.

Run Tom Run!

Despite the disgrace it will bring to our state, I hope he does it. It will get him out of the Senate.

Memorial Day

8 US troops were killed as Baghdad exploded in violence.

BAGHDAD — A suicide car bomber struck a busy Baghdad commercial district Monday, killing at least 21 people, setting vehicles on fire and damaging a nearby Sunni shrine, police and hospital officials said.

The blast went off at 2 p.m. in the Sinak market area […]

Man Beats Child to Death While Both Parents Deployed in Iraq

This is what the Congress just endorsed for three extra months. And what’s happening in Iraq itself to children is much worse.

CIA Warned of Al Qaeda Boost from Iraq Occupation

The CIA didn’t just warn Bush of the postwar chaos before the Iraq invasion. They specifically warned that invading Iraq would help boost Al Qaeda as well. And Bush, in his speech two days ago, tried once again to justify the continued occupation based on 2005 intelligence reports about nefarious Al Qaeda plans in Iraq. […]

Poll: 70% of Americans Say Bush Let Iraq Vets Down

Anyone notice that Bush doesn’t speak in front of soldier-choir backdrops as much as he used to? And what happened to the El Jefe jacket?