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Bhutto Clearly Killed by Bullets

This excellent report from UK’s Channel Four shows multiple angles of the assassination. Benazir Bhutto was killed by bullets and not by the suicide bomber, whose job apparently was to kill the gunner, a different man.

Bush-Rice “Diplomacy” Led to Bhutto’s Death

“This is the height of brutality. They have hanged her father. They have killed her brothers. The government has killed all the good people of Pakistan,” said Sarfraz Khan, a doctor. “Please pray for us. Pray for our poor country.”

Bush’s motive in sending Bhutto into Pakistan was simply to prop up the military dictator […]

US Troops Shell Iraqi Neighborhood

In attack on Mahdi Army in Kut.

At Least 11 Dead As Protesters, Rioters Blame Musharraf

Where’s Rice?

Atrios has a good point; Bhutto died at 6am today Washington, DC time. Where is the US Secretary of State? The coffin is on its way to the graveyard. Maybe she is actually on the way to the funeral, I certainly hope so.


Was Musharraf involved? Is the Pope Catholic?

UPDATE: Riots breaking out in Pakistani cities. I’ve noticed that CNN is using their international feed nonstop, while the local NPR station has simply switched to a BBC feed. US media is obviously not up to the task of covering this at all.

Earlier Thursday, at a different […]

Bush Signs All-Time Record Military Budget as Vermont National Guard Defends Entire Northeast

This is where the Iraq war has brought us. Despite all-time record spending, the skies of the Eastern United States are now more defenseless than they were on 9/11, and Osama Bin Laden is a free man plotting to attack us again. Perhaps more importantly, Bush has made joining the military so undesirable that combined […]

Democrats Beaten by Bush, GOP on S-Chip

There are other articles about this, but this one does the best job that I have seen in describing the vicious political process that produced this disgrace, controlled of course by veto threats and lobbying $$$$ behind the GOP. Democrats apparently finally caved out of fear they would be blamed for a 10% pay cut […]

How the GOP “Wins” Elections

This is an absolute must read people. An absolute must read story. The convicted GOP “phone jammer” details how racist election dirty tricks are done by the Republican Party of the United States. In detail.

UPDATE: McClatchy is reporting that Dick Cheney’s personal lawyer made sure that the DOJ delayed this guy’s prosecution until after […]

“Secret List” of Material Confirmed Destroyed in Today’s White House Fire

Hint: this is a joke.