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Tory London Mayor Bashes Romney To Rally Olympics Workers

Time for the Dixie Chicks to fly over and say he doesn’t represent us.


Colbert on the “Anglo-Saxon Heritage”

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Mitt Romney Didn’t Build That

Here’s Mitt a registered lobbyist, crowing about milking the federal government for every penny he can get.

Romney Spokesman Goes Full Racist

Let me explain the headline. If, in the UK, two politicians were talking about each other and the white politician said of the black one, “he doesn’t fully appreciate our Anglo-Saxon heritage,” it would be the end of that (white) British politician. Period. Oh, and Romney’s father was born in Mexico.

Uninsured Aurora Shooting Victim, Fighting For His Life, Faces $2 Million Debt

If he manages to live. Donate to help him out.

Who Built What

Show me someone who got really rich, and I’ll show you someone who made their money off the government, one way or another.

Anaheim Cops Attack Crowd After Killing An Unarmed Man

Apparently if you can buy off the cellphone footage, it’s all OK. This was a gang murder, done by a gang called The Anaheim Police Department, and the gangsters should go to prison.

GOP Romney Fundraiser Charged With Raping Four Women

At his fundraising cabin, where he raised money for Mitt among others.

Mitt Romney Doesn’t Know Who Was Running His Company For Three Years

It has been impossible to keep up with the Mitt Romney meltdown about Bain Capital, but this has to be seen to be believed. Oh and also, this is the best TV ad from a presidential candidate since 1964.

Conservative politicians and pundits are calling on him openly to release his tax returns and […]

Insane People From Florida Legal To Carry Concealed Weapons In Oklahoma

And many other states.