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Which Ones Are The Nazis Again?

Mercedes Benz executive of Alabama SUV plant arrested under new anti-immigrant law for not carrying his passport with him at all times. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch responds with an editorial:

Here’s an idea: You should move your SUV plant to Missouri. Our state has many advantages over Alabama. We are the Show-Me State, not the […]

Palin’s Boss Not Happy

All those millions down the drain. Mark Levin is an employee of Rush Limbaugh, who is a direct competitor to Fox News in the hate-media business.

Killer Campus Cop Caught

Couldn’t resist the headline, here is some random video of the arrest/crash scene. A campus cop from Berea College in Kentucky is suspected of shooting two people this morning and then heading for Louisville, where he apparently wrecked and was arrested, heavily armed. He is a veteran of Bush’s Iraq and Afghanistan wars, where he […]

UC Davis Students Attacked

This is what the people who run the country think of the young people of America. Here is what Newt Gingrich said tonight:

“Go get a job right after you take a bath.”

Check out this video of the UC Davis students shaming their Chancellor with the silent treatment, after she falsely claimed […]

The Prisoner

Paul Simonon arrested while undercover for Greenpeace, working as a ship’s cook. No camera crew, no forthcoming documentary about what a hero he is. For those who don’t know who this Simonon guy is, see the two songs below. He’s the guy in black leather.

College Students Riot In Support Of Pedophilia Cover-Up

Oklahoma Woman Fined For Killing 2 Year Old Girl

You read that correctly. She was only fined. Once again Oklahoma is a worldwide disgrace.

As Fake As Wrestling

Completely mind boggling. There are no plausible challengers to Romney left in the GOP field.

Oklahoma Geologist Doubts Fracking Behind Recent Earthquakes

He’s an expert, not me, so I’ll listen to him. I would however like to see the National Academy of Science’s upcoming report.

Texas Court Stays Execution Ordered By Perry

Perry is doing everything he can to block a DNA test for this man, even his GOP legislature disagrees with him, changing the law because of this case.