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Rove Defies Subpoena, Hides From Hearing-Again

The excuses have run out. Previous news reports said Rove’s own lawyer agreed he would show up for his hearing, and now he has not.

California GOP Ousts Their Leader During Budget Crisis

More Taliban-inspired madness from the GOP. California is asking the Federal government for more state bailout money than the amount included for all 50 states in the stimulus bill.

Have You Seen This Man?

Do not let him get away. Bush completely neglected what he was doing. Don’t be a Bush.

“The Cockpit Hits the Ground First”

Sobering FAA video from 1998 about icing and autopilot, very relevant to the Buffalo commuter plane crash.

Burris Tried Fundraising for Blagojevich While Going for Senate Seat

This ain’t good and it’s going to get worse. Looks like Burris was simply a time-bomb planted by good old Rod, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he leaves the Senate soon. Maybe the new Governor can appoint a better Senator.

Kansas Suspends Tax Refunds, Can’t Meet Payroll

So what does the GOP do? As always, they obstruct emergency measures needed to pay state workers. First, break the entire system. Then, hold the government hostage by refusing to cooperate in solving the emergency you created! Thanks, Republican Party!

George Will

I wish I could get paid to be this lazy and unprofessional.

Bush-era Military Supplied Taliban With Weapons in Afghanistan

US-made weapons, in the hundreds of thousands, have been going into Taliban hands in Afghanistan under George Bush, without even serial number records to trace them.

For the Afghanistan report, a GAO team toured the country last August and attempted to track various lots of weapons delivered to the war-torn country over a period of […]

Welcome to Waikiki

US Navy releases raw sewage from an incompetently run-aground ship, just offshore from the most famous tourist beach in the United States. Oh, in the dead of night, and doesn’t tell the city of Honolulu.


Well, it was before, but not now.

This is what the Pentagon deems suitable for viewing by the President of the United States.