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Army Child Abuse Scandal Obscured By Military-Weapon Mass Murder Of Children

What the hell was the Army doing having a group of sex offenders running a day care at an Army base?

The Stupid Hurts More Than Ever

I rarely post this shit but everyone should see this, because of what it tells you about Rupert Murdoch and Fox News.

School Massacre Gun Is Bachmann’s Favorite

The AR-15 assault rifle was also the favorite of Nancy Lanza, so they had something in common, there.


Meanwhile, “only” 23 funerals to go in the small town of Newtown, Connecticut. Several schools in the area have gone on lockdown in response to threats or scares since Monday, frightening the students.


Senator Daniel Inouye Has Died

Inouye was promoted to the rank of sergeant within his first year, and he was given the role of platoon leader. He served in Italy in 1944 during the Rome-Arno Campaign before his regiment was transferred to the Vosges Mountains region of France, where he spent two weeks in the battle to relieve the […]

Affluent Gun Nut Fad In Newtown, Connecticut

The New York Times, better late than never, covers what has being going on in the hometown of many Manhattan executives. Meanwhile it appears that the Newtown killer lived in a “doomsday prepper” environment. Perhaps people who are set for life financially are the perfect candidates to be “doomsday preppers,” being so well off that […]

Repeat In Perpetuity

Why is this necessary?

At Least 20 Shot By Gunman Or Gunmen At Connecticut School

According to multiple news reports. For hours there were only reports of 2 deaths.

Yesterday, the newly Republican-dominated legislature of Michigan, now infamous for its behavior with several bills restricting contraception and attacking unions, passed a bill allowing guns into public schools.

State House passes bill allowing concealed weapons in schools, day care centers, stadiums, […]

Contractor Fires Worker For Feeding Hungry Child At Public School

This should never happen. School workers should be government workers and private contractors shouldn’t have a place inside our schools.


The Panetta-Burns Plan Strongly Opposed

More on this later, but for now, just know that there is no Panetta-Burns plan.

The Football Gods

This is an excellent column. The NFL as an organization has no decency it seems.