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Right-Wing Groups Drilling For Combat

Firing weapons and crawling around for hours in uniforms, these assholes would make Tim Mcveigh proud.

Tom Coburn’s Temper Tantrum Costing Haitian Lives

It’s because he’s so principled that more Haitians have to die unnecessarily.

Right-Wing Media Hoaxster Foiled, Exposed As Pervert

Well, over a year after the media should have written him off forever as a discredited con man, he’s finished. Â Oh, and he was operating on orders from elsewhere, thus proving he’s really just an actor in most of these operations, a puppet. Â Some surprise, eh?

Celebrated Arizona “Border Shootout” A Hoax

The wounds seem to have been self-inflicted by the Sheriff’s deputy. Â So much for that one, which was celebrated by Jan Brewer and John McCain as reason to back the racist Arizona anti-Hispanic law.


Although Bush apparently was hiding it from Blair, the UK PM from 2002 onward that Bush was torturing British subjects. Â He essentially did nothing.

Why Vote?

Do you want this guy and his friends to win? First in a series.

Private Prison Corporations Behind Arizona Law

And other similar anti-American “immigration” bills, which order local police to hassle American citizens and legal residents according to their superficial appearance.

Innocent Men Freed After 30 Years In Mississippi

Yet another case of someone being framed by dishonest prosecutors, then held in prison for decades.

US Poverty Rate Highest In Census-Recording History

It’s at least up to the level of 51 years ago. Â This is the inevitable result of Reaganomics combined with an out of control financial services industry. Â In the face of this news, the Republicans in Congress are demanding, in a united front, that billions of Bush-created tax cuts to the rich, which […]

Bicentennial Day

¡Viva Mexico! ¡200 Años!