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Picture Taking Banned By Authorities At Michigan Oil Spill

Spilling into the Kalamazoo River.

Wikileaks Releases “Afghanistan Papers”

A possible turning point in perception about the already unpopular Afghan war, and also a landmark even in internet history as well. The documents in raw form can be found here.

Raleigh School Board Attempts to Resegregate Schools

And citizens protest, 19 people arrested.

Republicans Try To Delay Unemployment For One More Day

For millions of Americans in a tough spot. Thanks Tom Coburn and Jim Inhofe. Thanks GOP, for exploiting the death of a Senator as an opportunity to filibuster relief for thousands of Americans when the economy needs them to be spending money for rent and utilities and food, not living on the streets.

Rehire Shirley Sherrod

She never should have been fired, this entire episode is a disgrace to both the right wing media and for the White House, which trembled in fear without ever checking the facts. Worst of all are the people in the media who fell for another Breitbart hoax. It has been more than apparent after the […]

GOP Congressman Admits Birtherism Is A Fraud

Having been defeated in a primary, Bob Inglis (R-SC) tells the truth about GOP congressmen and senators supporting birther conspiracy theories.

As to the Birther matter, let me be clear. The president is obviously a citizen of the United States. … So, really we do lose credibility when we spend time talking about such things. […]

Reduction In Bureaucratic Nightmare for PTSD Treatment For Vets

This is landmark news.