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Torture, Inc.: The New Air America

New York Times

“I Said This Under Torture”

AP gets the latest documents released to the ACLU. These may be the most damaging proof yet that we are being lied to about what is happening to these prisoners in our name. This is coming from actual US government transcripts of the “military tribunals” at Guantanamo. The prisoners are asking the presiding Tribunal officers […]

“Iraqi Forces” dying like flies in insurgent attacks; US abducts top political leader

If this weren’t so horribly deadly, I’d compare it to the Keystone Kops. It’s obvious that these “Iraqi forces” were thrown into their “offensive” for reasons of US domestic propaganda; they are untrained, not ready, and getting bushwhacked everywhere they go. If you read the body count claims made by the Pentagon, these forces are […]

Memorial Day

A reminder of something that happens every day, that we aren’t allowed to see.

Bombing of Iraq Was Doubled to Provoke War

Times of London. But their idiotic plan did not work, because Saddam had no WMD. This is more proof that they knew there were no WMD in the first place, they pushed Saddam and never got a response. That is a very strong clue. John Conyers has responded to this news with a letter to […]

US Jails in Iraq Packed With Innocents and Growing

Daily winning the hearts and minds of Iraqis with these great tactics.

Mazin Farouq, a 35-year-old photo lab technician, was held for six months. Farouq was shot by U.S. soldiers as he and two friends drove home to Baghdad one November night last year after a vacation trip to Syria. He said they did not […]

Federal Judge Will Order Release of All Abu Ghraib Photos

Unless the appeal courts intervene, the stonewalling is over.

In Memoriam

With great sadness and respect we’d like to note that the son of a friend of one of our regular readers has been killed in Iraq. As I went through the chilling daily ritual of updating the title of this blog, I had no idea that one of the faceless numbers I was adding was […]

All Charges Suddenly Dropped Against Pantano

Murder has no consequences in the US military, apparently. This is an absolutely shocking development. Pantano did something far worse than Graner, England, or any of the other Abu Ghraib “suspects.” Pantano reloaded his weapon multiple times as he fired over 60 bullets into the backs mostly of the two unarmed men, then used their […]

Bush Opponents on Social Security Getting Coverage