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Worldwide Disgrace As Oklahoma Fails With Secret Chemical Execution

This is horrifying, and the whole world is watching. Fallin, who forced this situation totally unnecessarily, must resign. There’s no excuse for it and she is personally responsible. She took the risk and she failed, blatantly violating the 8th Amendment to the United States Constitution.


Ukraine Disinformation Hoax Dominates Headlines

It’s all bullshit, it was always bullshit. This was done on purpose by the US to steal a news cycle for a day, and they succeeded. Doesn’t change the real situation in Ukraine itself though, where an unelected coup regime can’t hold on to power.

How Did That Happen?

But but but but where’s the “Russian Invasion”? Some rare relatively unbiased reporting (for a US news outlet) out of eastern Ukraine.

Oklahoma, The Permanent Austerity State

They are doing to us what the US wants to do to the people of Ukraine, and what the EU has already done to Greece, and Spain, and Portugal. Oklahoma due to low wages meaning low tax revenues will be perpetually behind almost all the other states.

Voters In Line Will Be Locked Out of Bathrooms

Where else? Florida, the state which stole the 2000 election for George W. Bush, who then appointed John Roberts, who then gutted the Voting Rights Act (which just reached its 50th anniversary celebration, how is that for irony?). How long before musicians, Hollywood celebrities etc. hire huge “honey wagons,” portable bathroom rigs on wheels as […]

The Judge Who Told The Truth

Congratulations to NPR for running this story. It should be taught in every elementary school, high school, and law school classroom in the country.

Was Turkey Behind Sarin Attack in Syria?

Seymour Hersh seems to think so.

Too Stupid For April Fools

This is a real news story.

(Reuters) – An 8-year-old South Carolina girl’s dream of having the woolly mammoth become the official state fossil has been put on hold while lawmakers debate an amendment that gives God credit for creation of the prehistoric animal.

A bill that recently passed the state House to designate the […]


The original enrollment target, prior to the website problems, was 7,066,000. Obamacare has reached 99.65% of the projected signups. California is allowing people to continue signing up until April 15th, that alone will probably put the enrollment total OVER the original projected goal.