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Blair Knew Iraq Had No WMD Before War Started

And said nothing.

Alleged Washington Cop Killer Cornered

Police say they have this guy cornered after he allegedly shot four cops dead in a coffee shop yesterday. He had his 95-year sentence commuted and was freed by Mike Huckabee.

Bin Laden Was “Within Our Grasp” at Tora Bora

This Senate report makes it official.

White House Asked For UK Help In Framing Saddam Hussein On 9/11

This happened on September 11, 2001, within hours of the deaths of 3,000 innocent Americans. Meyer said U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice raised Iraq in a telephone call on Sept. 11, only hours after the attacks.”She said there’s no doubt this was an al-Qaida operation, we are just looking to see if there could […]

Palin Walks Out On Book Buyers Queued In Rain

Very classy.

Angry crowd shouts at Sarah Palin at her book signing in Noblesville, Indiana on November 19, 2009 after Palin quits and refuses to sign books for around 300 families that spent about 3+ hours getting wristband and another 3+ hours waiting in line to get the Palin book signed. At Borders bookstore it […]

Faux News Claims 2008 Campaign Crowd Are Palin Book Fans

This is how far Murdoch will go to sell his Palin book, for which he paid an advance that is entirely too large.

UPDATE:Here is the proof that “Fox News” used footage from a Florida 2008 campaign rally yesterday, claiming it was footage of Palin signing books in Michigan. Notice the “HAPPENING NOW” graphic in […]

Traitor to “The Cause”

Watch this video, in which Sen. Sessions from Alabama quotes Ulysses S. Grant and Abraham Lincoln approvingly. I guarantee you he will be criticized for it by today’s teabagger, racist Republican nuts.

Fundamentalist Activists Courting Assassination of The President

Oklahoma Bigot Wants to Deserve State’s “Right” to Hate

This guy thinks that the state can “opt out” of the new hate crimes law. This means Oklahoma may be in the running in a contest to see which state can waste the most money appealing their bullshit objections to civil rights all the way to the US Supreme Court and losing.

Teabaggers Humiliated in Minnesota

This guy deserves a medal for his creativity and guts.

The text of his speech:

Hi, my name is Robert Erickson and I’m really excited to be here. Its people like all of you, and events like this that make our country great! Give yourselves a round of applause!

I just want to talk […]