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Senator Makes Historic Warning

Media ignores it in favor of coverage of “royal” baby born to monarchy that terrorized the United States.

US House Will Vote To Curtail NSA Spying Power

The Amash amendment is very important and should be supported.

The Shrapnel Magnet

Want to join the US military? This is how they will treat you and how you could end up.

Why Was Zimmerman Acquitted?

It wasn’t about lawyering, it was about Florida law. Even if Zimmerman had been convicted of murder, nothing would have been reformed about the laws in Florida, which are the real problem.

If You’re a Black Male, You’re Always The Suspect

Man Convicted In Manslaughter In Shooting Of 17-Year Old Boy

As an adult with a loaded gun, he was held responsible for shooting the unarmed boy despite claiming he feared for his life.

Derailed Crude Oil Train Destroys Canadian Town

Massive fire, explosions continue.

US Snail Mail Photographed and Logged, All of It

And don’t forget the art of the “mail cover,” used so often by J. Edgar Hoover. No warrant necessary.