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Spooks Plead the Fifth as Grunts are Scapegoated

In Iraq prison torture scandal:

Relatives of three of the six soldiers who were charged, and a lawyer for one of them, said in telephone interviews that the soldiers were being made scapegoats for following orders from officers who actively supported, and even commended, the way they treated the prisoners.

The soldiers “were provided no […]

Slavery is Freedom; Ignorance is Strength

Photo taken in Abu Gharib prison by American soldiers torturing Iraqi prisoners, released by Pentagon.

Saddam’s general to replace US Marines in Fallujah deal

As I happened to predict in the very earliest days of this blog, the Rumsfeld attack against Fallujah (in revenge for an ambush of mercenaries) has produced nothing except roughly 1,000 dead, mostly noncombatant civilians. Rummy’s “offensive” is over. Read it and weep.

Sacrifice? Casualties? No – it’s Happy news®

Maybe this has something to do with this. (CBS/New York Times Poll):

Just 32 percent, the lowest number ever, say Iraq was a threat that required immediate military action a year ago.

Less than half, 47 percent, now say the U.S. did the right thing taking military action in Iraq, the lowest support recorded in […]

Just Like the Previews

This Onion-style web page is not particularly original but some of the stories are great, this is one of them.

Case Closed

As hundreds of Americans and thousands of Iraqis die in just one month in a morally wrong, unjustified war, this column puts to final rest any “confusion” about what John Kerry did with his medals in 1971. It is a phony controversy, period. Copy the link. Send it to your friends.

“These Wounds are Horrific”

Waiting for the “flippin’ helicopters” to bring the wounded for the day at an emergency hospital in Iraq.

“See all that dark stuff? That’s dead brain,” he said. “That ain’t gonna regenerate. And that’s not uncommon. That’s really not uncommon. We do craniotomies on average, lately, of one a day.”

‘Iron Curtain Speech’ school jabs Cheney, invites Kerry

This is the school where Winston Churchill made his ‘Iron Curtain’ speech; more relevant perhaps though is that this is where, in August 1990, Thatcher convinced Bush I to declare “this will not stand” and respond to Hussein’s Kuwait-grabbing with a war.

Kerry and the ‘phony controversy’ on military medals

From a blog:

How Kerry has handled the military smear attempt so far:

* Don’t release records, let rightwingers stir up the issue. * Release records, nothing but good. Make wingers look stupid. * Let Bushies drop issue, which they fail to do. * After more manufactured controversy, call them on it and question Bush’s […]

Dover Photos – a Mirror Site

Here they are. Give a break.