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Use Twitter If You Want To Be Branded A Terrorist

Guy makes stupid twitter message, ends up locked in immigration detention by US and shipped out of the country.

Game Over

Gingrich The Clown, who will lose tomorrow, declares that as nominee he would not debate President Obama. He’s desperate, having been buried in Romney money, and tomorrow he will be finished off.

Newt Gingrich, Liar

His peak moment of the entire GOP nomination bid was based on a lie. Bonus: Jan Brewer, Liar.

The President Of The United States Is “An Avowed Muslim”

Rick Santorum doesn’t seem to know any differently.

Gary England Is A Global Warming Denier

Here non-meteorologist England says some of the most ridiculous anti-scientific garbage I’ve ever heard. The “argument” he puts forth in this article is something Jim Inhofe would have no problem with. I think everyone within the range of England’s broadcasts should know this and tell other people as well.

Santorum Won Iowa

Santorum won the Iowa caucuses, period. This illustrates what money can buy you if you have Mitt Romney’s kind of money. His campaign simply used their influence in Iowa to temporarily “freeze” the inaccurate vote count in a state that showed Romney the “winner,” generating many headlines. Now his money is being unleashed on Gingrich […]


For today, this blog joins the Internet Strike. Stop SOPA and PIPA.

Oklahoma Republican: Persecute Gays In Oklahoma National Guard

The second national disgrace headline in a week for Oklahoma.

Federal Appeals Court Throws Out Oklahoma Anti-Muslim Law

The discriminatory “Sharia law ban” has been struck down. How many more Oklahoma laws and ballot initiatives are going to be struck down by the courts? Why do the clowns in the Republican Party that now run Oklahoma insist on violating the US Constitution over and over again, making the state the laughing stock of […]

New York Times Covers Up Santorum Racist Remarks

Let’s be clear about it. The New York Times acts as if there is some question about what came out of Santorum’s mouth. Look at what the man said:

He said “black people” were being given “other people’s money” and in fact got big applause from the crowd for doing it, not approbation. Rick […]