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Ted Kennedy Helped Robert Novak With Brain Cancer

While Novak’s friends continued to attack Kennedy both in life and in death.

TX Secessionists to Americans: “Go Back to The U.S. Where You Belong!”

The phrase in the headline was shouted by the keynote speaker Larry Kilgore, at a Texan who was a supporter of health care reform.

“Remember Chappaquiddick”

Because Republicans never do anything like that, especially on the day of Kennedy’s memorial service.

Idaho GOP Candidate Expresses Desire To Shoot Obama With Rifle

Inhofe could take a lesson from this guy, you want to fire up the base? Joke about hunting Obama like an animal. With a gun.

Inhofe’s Tree of Liberty Needs Water Apparently

The first thing anyone would notice about this outrageous liar’s hateful ranting is how it seems to be, in this atmosphere, endorsing violent treason. But I’d also like to point out that even though he is saying this, his fans are going to be sorely disappointing in Jim Inhofe himself, when he refuses to lift […]

Glenn Beck Loses Ten More Advertisers, Show On Death Bed

Check out Howard Beale as he cries into his “purity of essence” flouridated water.

Pastor Prayed For Obama To Die Hours Before Parishioner Took Assault Rifle to Obama’s Event

The lovely story behind the guy carrying an AR-15 in Arizona to the Obama event.

The Lion of The Senate

At this hour Ted Kennedy’s casket is in a huge motorcade to Boston. This was the Senator two years ago, speaking in the US Senate in January 2007 as the Republicans tried to block the first raise in the minimum wage in a decade. I highly recommend that you take the time to watch these, […]

Edward M. Kennedy, 1932-2009

Read this so you can remember when there used to be both a Boston Globe and a Ted Kennedy. Here’s what his longtime colleague Vice President Joe Biden said.

Here is the eulogy that Ted Kennedy gave for his brother Bobby Kennedy after his assassination in 1968, which I think is appropriate now as well. […]

Less Than Half in Arkansas Believe Obama Was Born in US

The ghost of Orval Faubus is smiling somewhere. Of course don’t count on expatriates Bill and Hillary to ever lift a finger to educate the people of their state. The significant political difference between Oklahoma and Arkansas is that the Republicans in Arkansas have a (D) in front of their names.