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Mr. Grayson Goes to Washington

Because this is one person speaking to four cable news morons, the stupidity factor in the clip below is going to be intolerably high for some people. Â However, if you can stomach it, watch this guy speak the truth on national television. It is a rare event.


Narus “Twilight Zone” Comment Contest Continues

See the post below and leavecomments there, not here.

Henry Bellmon Dies

This is worth reading, even if you never cared about this old time politician. I would say that comparing him to Frank Keating, the next GOP Oklahoma governor, is pretty similar to comparing George Bush, the former President, to his son George Bush Junior. That makes the behavior related in Bellmon’s own memoir particularly ironic. […]

Census Worker’s Son Talks to AP

I’d much rather read it this way than wait for Larry King (or any other cable news hack) to get their hooks in this poor guy.

50 Years Ago This Week

The Twilight Zone first aired on CBS television. In my opinion it’s still the best dramatic TV series ever made in English. Anyone want to challenge that? Rod’s a personal hero of mine (as if most of you didn’t already know this) and by comparison, Don Draper is in many ways a second-rate knockoff of […]

“It Took Me Three or Four Good Nights”

And it took them nearly two weeks and exposure by the media before they even considered an autopsy on a lynched Federal worker in the United States of America.

What The Hell Is This?

As mentioned by Parker in comments in the previous post. Anyone know or heard anything?

Don’t Mess With Michael Moore

Especially if you are Wolf Blitzer, a highly paid professional idiot.

Part II is here.

Chuck Norris Selling Desecrated American Flags

Now, thanks to Norris, we will be able to know who the nutcases are and who the normal patriotic Americans are.

Census Worker Lynched, Word “Fed” Written On His Body

Where could a paranoid, anti-government murderer killer get such crazy ideas? Â The body was found on September 12th, the day of the corporate-orchestrated anti-government protests in Washington, DC. UPDATE: The victim, Bill Sparkman, was a single father and a schoolteacher who beat cancer. His son is now orphaned.