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Secret Meetings of Ultra-Conservatives

This is as close as we’ll get to understanding who really runs the right wing of this country; Bohemian Grove, step aside.

CIA MIGHT Stop Illegal Torture

But then again, maybe not. New York Times.

Scenes from the Protest

Pro-Bush hecklers standing behind the police barricades near W. 33rd tried to drown out the anti-Bush chants by yelling “U.S.A.! U.S.A.!” But when the protesters joined in their chant, the hecklers were stumped for what to do next.

Here is a web page of some very moving photos of the huge march.

NYPD Command Center agrees 500,000 at protest

NY Times report.

Bush Says War on Terror Cannot be Won

TV interview. That’s not all; he has also declared Iraq a “catastrophic success.”

Get Your War on

New Get Your War On

Sanchez ordered Dogs Used in Secret Cable

Documents were withheld from the public in the two Abu Ghraib reports released this last week. The documents are even referred to in one of the reports.

The commander of all U.S. forces in Iraq, Ricardo Sanchez, ordered dogs used on prisoners in Abu Ghraib. In a secret cable.

“Exploit Arab fear of dogs while […]

INS Tries to Deport Man in a Crate

What the hell is wrong with these people?

Even Mainstreamers Begin to Understand

Columnist Eleanor Clift talks to Republicans who confirm that the lies about Kerry “came straight out of the West Wing.” Her Republican sources are saying what Texas Veterans already know. And so do at least 46 percent of the American people. Considering how few people vote in this country, this is encouraging.

What the Abu Ghraib Reports Really Say

This column is the best thing in print on the subject so far; the author has actually read the reports. (gasp!). Having read both the “Fay report” and the “Schlesinger report,” he rightly ignores their totally twisted, unfounded conclusions and makes his own based on the actual facts in the reports. It does lead to […]