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TED Censors Speaker For Pointing Out Importance Of Middle Class

Read this censored talk, it will only take a minute or two.

It is astounding how significantly one idea can shape a society and its policies. Consider this one.

If taxes on the rich go up, job creation will go down.

This idea is an article of faith for republicans and seldom challenged by […]

Texas Executed The Wrong Man

This basically becomes part of a series now, since I have previously posted on this blog about the murder by the state of Texas of Todd Willingham, who was innocent.

Good Riddance Newt

Often entertaining, never honest. Newt Gingrich.

Watch the video here, his greatest hits of the 2011-2012 campaign.

NC Anti-Gay Amendment Is White Supremacy

All US bigotry is rooted in white supremacy. In this case, the wife of the architect of the bill just had the chutzpah to say it in front of others. In the same state, a pastor tells worshipers to beat the gay out of their children. Some of these haters have a little bit more […]