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Fear You Can Xerox

This is a “John McCain ad” posted on Youtube in January:

This is a new Hillary Clinton ad, which aired today on television with great publicity:

This is Barack Obama’s response to that ad, today:


100 More Years of This

This is what John McCain wants. Â Ted Zimbardo, from the infamous Stanford Experiment, speaks of how normally “good” people, given the wrong leadership, can become torturers. Is this motivating enough to get you to vote this November?

Election 08 – The Same Old Thing?

Sometimes, when I see new candidates like this, I think maybe it will be a little bit different.

And don’t forget Minnesota US Senate candidate Al Franken, who brought us the greatest pre-Colbert moment in C-SPAN non-government programming history:




US Again Wins the “Iron Medal”

More than one in a hundred adult Americans is in prison, the world’s record. The US imprisons many more people than China, which has a population over a billion.

No Timetable for Troop Withdrawals from Iraq

Of Turkish troops, that is.

Whistleblower: Life-Saving Laser for Marines Blocked

How many Iraqi civilians died because of this? The US Government doesn’t want you to know, they are trying to fire the whistleblower from his job so he can’t do anything about it. It’s that important, apparently, that we never find out how many Iraqis died senselessly.

So, How’s That Race Going?

Any questions?

Hate-radio Clown Hijacks Headlines with Antics

This has been the big cable news story all day:

Cunningham called Sen. Barack Obama a Chicago “hack” from the “Chicago-Daley Mob.” He also said he couldn’t wait until the media ripped the “bark” off Obama and accused the senator from Illinois of dubious financial dealings.

What’s more, he kept dropping the H-bomb, as in […]

Nuclear Power Plants in Florida Shut Down

This is a serious nuclear incident and they are trying to cover it up. More is going to be heard about this.

Clinton Goes Over the Top

Attacking the speaking style of your opponent is not a good idea when you won’t engage him or her on the issues. Back in the days before cameras followed candidates everywhere, I’m sure this kind of sarcasm, mockery, and ugly humor bashing the opponent went on all the time, but it doesn’t look good on […]