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Over the weekend some nice person beyond my control pressed the power button on the server for this site, putting it into sleep mode and taking the site down. As a result I wasn’t able for a day and a half to update the title. In the process of doing so I’ve discovered that 10 […]

Microsoft “Anti-Spyware” Program Attacks Firefox

I don’t normally post computer industry news here, but this is more of a public service situation. Take a look at the picture below, which is proof of the headline:


This ia a major, major story. Watch them try to spin it, it won’t work.

Swift Boat Smear Author In New Low

Oozing out a book claiming Kerry and other Democrats gave Iran the bomb. Don’t believe me? See for yourself.

Marine Corps Suicide Up 29% in 2004

Washington Post


Hunter S. Thompson– Yes it’s harsh, that’s who he was, I’m not going to apologize for him. I encourage everyone else to link to any other good Thompson screeds online.

Bush Cancels Campaign-style “Town Hall” event in Germany

Der Spiegel Online–

But on Wednesday, that town hall meeting will be nowhere on the agenda — it’s been cancelled. Neither the White House nor the German Foreign Ministry has offered any official explanation, but Foreign Ministry sources say the town hall meeting has been nixed for scheduling reasons — a typical development for a […]

The “Free Market” At Work

More proof that “market-based” solutions are the best way to go. May the highest bidder win!


NY DAILY NEWS Innocent prisoners mistreated and worse right here in the US of A.

US Prepares to Attack Ramadi

The Independent