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Dukestir Briber Probe Implicates Five More Congress Members

I’ve excitedly predicted this many times before, looks like it is finally beginning to happen. I hope that Mitchell Wade is making his confessions to full time DOJ lawyers and not to “loyal Bushies.”

Iraqis And Bush Agree On Total Withdrawal from Iraq

Here you can read the actual text of the agreement. Total withdrawal without any exceptions or qualifiers. Bush himself calls it “withdrawal from Iraq.”

Commandos Prepare Counter Assault in Mumbai

Bad, ugly situation in Mumbai, where supposedly the Trident hotel is about to be attacked (10:30am India time Thursday).  Go right here to watch IBN live and AVOID all the out of date, inaccurate crap on US cable news. The reporters in Mumbai, on IBN, are doing an excellent job.

Ha ha ha ha ha

Who’s laughing now dept.

Mukasey Collapses, Falls To Floor During Speech

Speaking to the Federalist Society Thursday night. Sounds quite serious.

Politics is Murder

This was intentional on Palin’s part. Warning, slaughterama on camera here.

Barely suppressed rage, anyone?

Bailout Compromise Deal For Detroit Reached

Attack me all you want, I say it’s good news.

Reid, Coleman Salute Convicted Felon Stevens On Floor of US Senate

Third party, anyone? Anybody out there want to defend this disgrace?

G20 Leaders Refuse To Shake Hands With Bush

The audio commentary in this clip is unnecessary, just watch the video.

Minnesota Recount Begins

2.9 million votes to go. Once again, Narus predicts Franken will win.