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Brain Researcher Legally Carries AR-15 Into Airport

Hey boys and girls, here’s another reason to boycott the hell out of Arizona.

UPDATE: The Chief Counsel of the NRA, who was directly involved in making it possible for the above crime to happen with the assault rifle, is a straight-up convicted murderer.

40 Years Ago Today

The US Supreme Court ruled on United States v. Nixon. Nixon lost, the tapes that were the subject of the appeal were finally released by the House Judiciary Committee to the media on August 5th. Nixon announced his resignation August 8th as a direct result of what was on the disputed tapes, particularly the June […]

Arizona Slowly Tortures Prisoner To Death With Mystery Chemicals

How many times will Governors get to say “oops, I tortured another one.” Of course in the case of Jan Brewer, she insists that the man “did not suffer.”

Dallas, Texas Gun Nuts “Go There”

Yeah, they went there. A.J. Hidell would be proud.

Obamacare Gutted, Then Upheld On Same Day

What is all this hype about? What’s going to happen to people’s health insurance? The answer: nothing.


Remember when they put a Constitutional Amendment on the ballot in Oklahoma to ban gay marriage? It’s in the dustbin of history now.

Malaysian Airliner Shot Down In Ukraine?

If so, this is a real mess. As we know, any group that shoots down civilian airliners on published routes is a bunch of murderous barbarians.

GOP Candidates’ Stupidity Off The Charts

This is the quality of the candidates the Republican Party gives you.


Reporters Watch As Israeli Navy Kills 4 Kids

They call this “proportional” in the New York Times.

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Dick Cheney’s Brush With Justice

One of these days, since he apparently will live forever, an arrest like this is going to work. Notice the disgraceful behavior here of this entire family; they know that the public hates them and the feeling is mutual.