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Data Miner “Crawls” Facebook Compiling Private Data

Automatically, of course, and without any resistance from the site. One of the results is the map below. Is Facebook giving away your data? Oh no, they’re just doing things like displaying every single user’s e-mail address to the public for 30 minutes last night, that’s “different.”

Tea Party Leaders: Abolish Social Security

They’re happy to openly talk about this, and when they say jump, GOP candidates jump like Marco Rubio jump.

First Republican Backs Away From “Repeal” Pledge On Health Care

Who’s next?

McCain Lies Saying No Americans Died In Iraq This Year

At least 16 US service members have died in Iraq since January 1. I have no idea what kind of bizarre teabagger-appeasing motivation that McCain had for this statement, but it’s a disgrace. He needs to retire before he finishes off what is left of his once-stellar reputation.


Bush Torturers Kept “Wrong Man” Awake Over Two Weeks

Abu Zubaydah was used as a human test animal for torture techniques. On the 11th day of round-the-clock nonstop sleep deprivation he began to break down, so Bush’s “torture lawyers” used that information to state that 11 days of sleep deprivation is not torture. Zubaydah apparently made detailed drawings of the torture techniques used on […]

Anti-Immigration Wingnut Group Implodes

The last straw was health care reform. Yet another casualty of the hysterics of elected GOP officials.


WAY TO GO GOP MAJORITY. It’s just March 2010 and between the stunts of Coburn, Inhofe, and the legislature, Oklahoma is already the number one laughing-stock state in the country. NUMBER ONE.


The GOP Oklahoma Senate would probably enjoy this clip from C-SPAN today:


Multiple Subway Blasts Kill Moscow Commuters

News just out on the wire. Â Moscow’s is the second largest subway system in the world after Tokyo.

Republican Elected Officials Crank Up The Hate-a-rama

They’re really screwing up their chances in the 2010 election with this shit.

Beck-Brainwashed Celebrity Goes Wild

Classic and hilarious disaster for Faux News.