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This Is Bullshit

This story is carrying water for the FBI, and I don’t believe it.

Thousands Join Anti-War Rally in Moscow

Not that Putin cares. Alarmist bullshit stories continue to fly from the Ukrainian coup government about “invasions” here and there, and Russia has put a relatively small amount of troops on the eastern Ukrainian border. I don’t have much doubt that Crimea’s going to separate from Ukraine and go back to official Russian control like […]

The Spoils Of Revolution

These are the people who did nothing to stop sniper fire from the Ukraine hotel onto protesters on February 20th in Kiev, Ukraine, and have now benefited from it. The abrogation of the truce of February 20th, led by violent members of the opposition, has now put them in a position of power within the […]

Video: Ukrainian Protesters Were Shot By Opposition Gunmen

This is going to become a larger and larger issue, and discredits the new Ukrainian coalition government. A leaked phone call between and Estonian diplomat returning from Ukraine and an EU diplomat (purportedly intercepted by pro-Yanukovich former security officials, but I think it was the Russians) confirms that these shootings are the subject of controversy […]

IRS Witch Hunt Hearing Collapses

Darrell Issa is a car thief and a disgrace to the Congress, and if Elijah Cummings is supposedly “flipping out” here, then I want to see more members of Congress flip out, every day.

More Handguns Kill More People

It’s so difficult to set up an experiment to “prove” this, but guess what they found one.

Another soon-to-be-published study may provide the most compelling evidence to date that looser gun laws lead to more bloodshed. Researchers at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health were able to conduct a natural experiment in Missouri […]

Stockman Threatens Jail Over Publishing Mugshot

He says you can’t do it, so here it is. He was arrested for possession of Valium.

Go to Bricktown, Get Shot

Oklahoma City’s multimillion dollar taxpayer funded shopping area a great place to get shot with your family, or shot and killed if you prefer.