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Dallas, Texas Gun Nuts “Go There”

Yeah, they went there. A.J. Hidell would be proud.


Obamacare Gutted, Then Upheld On Same Day

What is all this hype about? What’s going to happen to people’s health insurance? The answer: nothing.


Remember when they put a Constitutional Amendment on the ballot in Oklahoma to ban gay marriage? It’s in the dustbin of history now.

Malaysian Airliner Shot Down In Ukraine?

If so, this is a real mess. As we know, any group that shoots down civilian airliners on published routes is a bunch of murderous barbarians.


GOP Candidates’ Stupidity Off The Charts

This is the quality of the candidates the Republican Party gives you.

Reporters Watch As Israeli Navy Kills 4 Kids

They call this “proportional” in the New York Times.

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Dick Cheney’s Brush With Justice

One of these days, since he apparently will live forever, an arrest like this is going to work. Notice the disgraceful behavior here of this entire family; they know that the public hates them and the feeling is mutual.

Round Em Up

These are the last two Attorneys General of Utah. They are Republicans. They are crooks. They were arrested today.


Happy Independence Day

The Civil Rights Act was signed 50 years ago this week.

Explosives Nearby, Texans? Better Drive Around And Find Out

After most of the town of West, Texas, was destroyed, the criminal who calls himself the Attorney General of Texas has decided that the best way to “regulate” deadly chemicals is to make you play a guessing game to find out if you live near them. I guess those people without a driver’s license in Texas or current insurance on their car or proper tags on their car don’t have any right to be safe in his mind. If you want to find out where the explosive chemicals are, Texas wants you to waste a lot of them from your gas tank to do it. Thanks to the gutting of the Voting Rights Act, which was due to a Texas case, the state now has seriously difficult barriers to getting a voter ID. Imagine living in Texas with this man as Attorney General, he’s running for Governor, and he just slapped these requirements on you with the help of five Justices on the U.S Supreme Court, and as a result you can’t even vote against him. The next time someone dies in Texas because they didn’t know explosive chemicals were in the area, like the first responders did in West, Texans will know who to blame.

This is what Greg Abbott wants you and your family to do.