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Iraqi Military Retreat Led To Death Of US Marine in Iraq

I don’t want the numbers related to Iraq at the top of this page to go up ever again, but now they have to.

Child Arrested For Building Electronic Clock

This is an international disgrace. The mayor of the town where this boy lives, Irving, Texas, started off a wave of Islamophobia for political advantage earlier this same year. It’s not a coincidence that this kid was arrested in one of the town’s high schools.

Richard Glossip Gets Two-Week Stay of Execution

It’s quite likely that he is innocent of the murder for which he is still scheduled to be executed. Read this.

Oklahoma Governor Defies State Supreme Court Decision

Mary Fallin has decided that facts don’t matter, and neither do court decisions. She and her masters (members of the GOP in the legislature) are “shocked” to discover that Oklahoma’s Constitution defines a strict separation between church and state, and they don’t like it. Since somehow, some way, somebody might get the legislature to actually modify the Constitution and take out one of its most important provisions, she has decided she doesn’t have to follow the decisions of her own state’s Supreme Court. This won’t stand. It’s a constitutional crisis in the making, and she’s making it.

Unarmed Tulsa Man Shot By Security Guard in February Dies

Monroe Bird, who was paralyzed by the shooting, has now died. The DA of Tulsa has already decided there will be no charges against the killer.

Tulsa Sheriff Paid For Posh Vacations For Killer

This is an absolutely disgusting story.

Oklahoma Supreme Court Orders 10 Commandments Removed

In the wake of the US Supreme Court decision removing all bans against same-sex marriage, the Oklahoma Supreme Court has ruled, 7-2, that the “Ten Commandments” monument placed on the Capitol grounds years ago violates the State Constitution.

Did A Top Republican Donor Directly Inspire The Charleston Shooting?

This should be read and seriously investigated. The browser history on Roof’s computer could show whether he visited the CCC web site at any time between Holt’s murder-fantasy internet post and the actual murders.

Charleston Killer Is A Neo-Nazi

He isn’t just a white supremacist, he isn’t just a terrorist, he isn’t just a mass murderer. He’s a neo-nazi and here is the proof.

Nine Churchgoers Murdered In South Carolina

This man entered the Mother Emanuel AME Church in downtown Charleston, South Carolina about 9PM last night, and stayed in a meeting for almost an hour. He then produced a gun and told the 12 people present, which included the pastor and at least one grandmother, that he was going to leave one of them alive. He then shot and killed 6 women and 3 men, including the Reverend Clementa Pinckney, who was also a South Carolina State Senator, who had met with Hillary Clinton earlier yesterday, and sponsored a bill to put body camera on all police in South Carolina.


He has not been found.