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Judge Rules Miers and Bolten Must Testify

The witnesses, who have been in contempt for months, have been ordered by the court to testify and provide all relevant documents. Miers and Bolten were cited for contempt by Congress a long time ago; with Rove this only happened this week.

List of Veco Bribes to Ted Stevens

From TPM and news reports.

Brownback Outraged at Chinese Orders to Tap Internet At Olympic Hotels

It’s OK with Sam Brownback when our government does this, but not when the Chinese one does, apparently.

Earthquake Hits Los Angeles

11:46am PDT, according to reader Willis


The most senior Republican in the United States Senate is charged with major crimes. Â Two years ago, he was third in succession to be President of the United States.

McCain Won’t Go After Bin Laden in Pakistan

Speaks for itself.

How to Obstruct Justice

[First name of a candidate]! and pre/2 [last name of a candidate] w/7 bush or gore or republican! or democrat! or charg! or accus! or criticiz! or blam! or defend! or iran contra or clinton or spotted owl or florida recount or sex! or controvers! or racis! or fraud! or investigat! or bankrupt! or […]

Daily Show On Obama’s Trip


CBS Footage of McCain’s Lie, Not Shown on TV

Bob Novak Hits Pedestrian With Car, Runs

Only to be caught by a man on a bicycle, a commuting lawyer, who blocked Novak from getting away until the cops arrived. Interestingly, considering this: In 2001, he cursed at a pedestrian on the corner of Pennsylvania Avenue and 13th streets Northwest for allegedly jaywalking.“’Learn to read the signs, [bodily orifice]!’ Novak snapped before […]