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Cambridge Cop Lied Part II

This isn’t good for the Cambridge cop who arrested Dr. Gates in his own home. The person who made the original 911 call has completely contradicted his story about reporting “black males” being on the scene at Gates’ house, which not only contradicts the cop’s police report but also removes his key justification for demanding […]

European Socialist Hell


US Torture May Mean Freedom For Young Afghan Prisoner

This would be a very interesting signal if Jawad is released, and if they make charges against him in civilian court that don’t stick, what will be the excuse? Domestic political pressure is not a valid reason to imprison an innocent person.

Bachmann Blocks Voice Vote On Resolution Mentioning Obama’s Hawaiian Birth

There is a very great potential here that Bachmann has greatly damaged Republicans in Congress by doing it. By sabotaging the voice vote, she has prolonged the possibility that GOP members will be forced to go on the record on their theories of Barack Obama’s birthplace. A brilliant move by the Democratic sponsor of this […]

Which Congress Members Are Birthers?

Mike Stark investigates, showing his usual fearless brand of citizenship. Today, Jim “Skeletor” Inhofe made it official that that Oklahoma is the only state in the US with two openly birther-friendly Senators.

Cambridge Cop’s a Liar

911 tapes released from the dust-up at Henry Louis Gates’ home. The arresting policeman had reported that Gates was screaming belligerently and so loudly that he was unable to hear himself think while calling in to the station. Tapes show nothing of the sort. They also show that the first person to mention race in […]

CNN Pulls Plug on Birther Conspiracy Theory

Somehow I don’t think Jon Stewart will get all the credit he deserves for making this happen, but here is the story.

Dave Chappelle Predicted Henry Louis Gates Jr’s Arrest

Thanks to video blogging pioneer Oliver Willis for this link.

Executives Get One Third of All Pay in the U.S.

Since 1979, incomes have grown ten times as fast for the richest one percent than they have for the middle 20% of Americans. During this time the upper one percent received tax cut after tax cut, especially under Bush. The most “radical” tax hikes proposed by Obama for health care wouldn’t even come close to […]

Henry Louis Gates Arrested for “Breaking In” To His Own Home

Let’s see who defends this.