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In Iraq, not Guantanamo. Even by Bush’s own legal standards, these are indisputably war crimes. Â And war crimes kill Americans too.

This is the FBI saying, at the height of the Abu Ghraib public scandal, that many of the techniques used to mistreat prisoners in Iraq were approved by an Executive Order of […]

UK Did “Do Torture” in WWII

No information here at all about whether it was effective or not; and the distinct impression is given that the purpose was mainly retribution, done to captured Gestapo and SS officers.

Rice Uses Nixon Defense, Fingers Bush For Torture

She was just passing on orders, and if the President orders it, that makes it legal.

Be sure and watch this whole video; it shows that she does not have a valid defense in order and is relying on something completely invalid.

Last Word On The Teabaggers

This is very highly recommended reading, and it’s about more than just the Fox-teabag protests.

Chrysler is Bankrupt

Who is next. What will the little old lady from Pasadena drive?

Chrysler Plan Calls For Worker Ownership

Worker-owned mostly, financed by the US and Canadian governments, and managed by FIAT. Oh yeah, the current corporate raider owners would be totally wiped out, only getting away presumably with the huge salaries they have been paying themselves since buying it from Daimler-Benz a couple of years ago.

Massive Bombings in Iraq Continue

This is going to accelerate, as I have said all along, and it doesn’t change the fact that US troops should leave the country.

Obama Mocks Fox Teabaggers

No comment needed.

Spanish Judge Begins Investigation of Cheney, Rice For War Crimes

This is not a joke. This investigation is separate from the one involving the lawyers who wrote the legal memos attempting to justify torture, instead it is an investigation of those who ordered the torture.

Move Over, Palin

Berlusconi, according to his wife, is running a slate of TV and modeling bimbos for his right-wing party election lineup in Italy.