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US Psywar Teams Plant Stories in “Free Iraqi Press”

Now the LA Times commits journalism also.

As part of a psychological operations campaign that has intensified over the past year, one of the military officials said that the task force also has purchased an Iraqi newspaper and taken control of a radio station, and is using the outlets to channel pro-American messages to the […]

Journalism Committed in Iraq

By Ellen Knickmeyer; this is a very well-timed and pertinent article. Important: read the Michael Ware article below here, and watch the video interview with him, to get the background on what is actually happening in Ramadi. Once again, contrast it with the “happy news” that Bush will push Wednesday in his “major speech.”

Profiles in Cowardice

Senator Wal-Mart just keeps on blowing it.

MSNBC Shows Mercenary Killing Spree Video

Here it is. Pure and simple, it’s a recruiting tool for insurgents and terrorists, and we paid for it because all of these Aegis killers work for the United States.


Rumsfeld is doing a “press briefing,” live, talking about how great the Iraqis are doing defending themselves. The groundwork is very definitely being laid here; as noted below, Bush will announce the Iraqis “ready to stand up” tomorrow in a “major speech.” It’s all bullshit. If you have any doubt, read the Michael Ware article […]

“Cut and Run Cowards”

Read this account by Michael Ware of what was happening in Iraq the day that Murtha made his speech, in which he said that Bush never put enough troops into Iraq, permanently screwing up the country and failing to rebuild it, and now we must leave because the troops have been abandoned.

Then, four hours […]

EU Suspensions for Secret Prison Hosts


Iraq War Fiasco Summed Up

TIME Reporter, Rove Assistant Questioned

Looks like obstruction of justice to me; the implication here is that Rove instructed his secretary not to log phone calls with a TIME reporter (Viveca Novak, a different reporter than Matt Cooper).

Hersh: “Up in the Air”

This will scare the hell out of you if you care about this country.