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So that they could get rich imprisoning women and children. This is downright evil.

Whitman Really Steps In It

This has to be the most hilarious political mistake I’ve seen since John McCain made his “economy is doing great” speech in September 2008 as the stock market collapsed live.

Rand Paul Supporters Beat, Stomp MoveOn Member On Camera

This is “democracy” to the teabagger fans of Rand Paul. It will be fun to see the clips of the national media, especially FNC, minimizing this incident. All sorts of new euphemisms will have to be invented to avoid the correct, objective journalistic phrases that should be used, such as “political beating,” “outburst of political […]


An order was given to coalition troops in June 2004 to stop investigating any torture by Iraqi military or government agents. The Abu Ghraib scandal began coating US headlines in May 2004. You do the math.

US-Trained Death Squads Tortured And Murdered Iraqis

The “Salvador Option” was real. So far I have seen no better summary than at that link. Three of the western reporters who tried to cover this story were killed in 2005.

Pentagon Covered Up At Least 66,081 Iraqi Civilian Deaths

Wikileaks has just released the largest classified document dump in world history. Just read the basic summary and you will already be appalled. Among other items, the US buried at least 15,000 Iraqi civilians in unmarked graves, apparently without identifying them.

Nazi Terror Attack On Congressman’s Office

A toxic white powder and swastikas were in an envelope sent to US Rep. Raul Grijalva’s office yesterday, causing it to be evacuated and shut down. Rep. Grijalva is one the leaders of the movement against Arizona’s racist anti-Hispanic law, and is in a tight campaign race for re-election.

UPDATE: Although officials told Grijalva’s staff […]

TX Cheerleader Kicked Off Squad For Not Cheering For Rapist

Who has pled guilty to assaulting her in criminal court. Follow the links and write the superintendent and principal. This is truly outrageous.

NPR Fires Juan Williams

Should have been done many years ago. Now fire Mara Liasson.

Texas Tea Party Makes Extensive Racist Threats Against Voter Registration Group

This is a must read story. This is a must read story.