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GOP Judge Makes Direct Corporation Cash To Politicians Legal

The last legal barrier has been struck down by this decision. If this is upheld by the US Supreme Court, corporations will officially own and run the United States of America and it will be impossible to deny it.

Killer Pharmacist Convicted Of Murder One


Fukushima Daiichi Radiation Soars To Deadly Levels Outside Reactor

This is 204 sieverts per hour completely outside the reactor. Death is the expected outcome if exposed to 6 sieverts. Since this is Reactor #1, whose containment building exploded, it means you have instant-death levels of radiation outdoors. It’s suspected that the levels have been this high for quite some time and they just started […]

GOP Vows To Withhold Relief For Joplin Tornado Victims

This is sick. It’s not misguided or uncool, it’s really sick.

Operator Admits Three Nuclear Reactors Melted Down

The Fukushima Dai’ichi Nuclear Disaster is now officially a triple meltdown. All three reactors melted down within a few days after the earthquake and tsunami, and now their fuel is melted and barely contained, leaking through the last barrier to the outside.

iPad Manufacturing Plant Explodes

Will this be enough to get Americans to pay attention to appalling conditions in Foxconn’s plants? What are Dell, Sony, Motorola, Apple, HP and Nokia going to do about it?

Coburn Demands Immediate Medicare Cuts For Current Beneficiaries

Then walks out of the “gang of six” talks. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out, crook.

“Stop Shucking And Jiving”

You tell ’em Carlos.


If this isn’t conspiring to break federal laws, then what is? This means that Coburn lied to the people of Oklahoma through the national media repeatedly about his involvement and his degree of involvement in the entire scandal, conspiring to bribe Ensign’s mistress to keep quiet and negotiating to do so on behalf of Ensign, […]

Operator Admits Second Nuclear Reactor Meltdown

TEPCO now admits that Reactor 1 had melted down, some time ago. This means that a meltdown in Reactor 1 and in Reactor 2 are confirmed by the power company. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise, especially the US news media.