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Coburn’s Prayers Answered as Inhofe Misses Vote

Tom Coburn said that Americans should pray for “some Senator” to be unable to make it in to vote for the health care bill on Sunday. He said this during a dangerous snowstorm, transparently hoping that someone (such as 92 year old Senator Byrd) would have a car crash or worse, since that is what […]

Republicans Terrified of Passage of Bill

Sheldon Whitehouse lays into the Republican Party. They deserve it.

“Pass the Bill”

Having been skillfully maneuvered into this position by a combination of corporations, Republicans, and sellout Democrats, Krugman argues that not passing the bill is a worse alternative than passing it. Although he is probably correct, we really don’t know what “the bill” is. The crucial details are being concealed from the public through the legislative […]

Coburn Forces Reading of Single Payer Bill

On principle, Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont introduced a single-payer health care amendment, although it has no chance of passing. Immediately, Tom Coburn demanded that the entire bill be read out loud in the US Senate. It’s 767 pages long. There are two things that can be learned from this, 1) The Democrats are about […]

120 Percent Respond to Poll, According to Fox

This is the second time in the last month (sorry I don’t have the other example handy) that Faux News has put up a graphic from a poll that adds up to more than 100% of the people supposedly responding. It certainly raises, if not answers, the question “how stupid do they think we are?” […]

2006 Guantanamo “Suicides” Part of a Cover-Up

But what is being covered up? Was it an escape attempt, or did some inmates kill others?

Baucus Nominated Girlfriend for US Attorney

Blue Dog down. One step closer to 60 votes, since Baucus is paralyzed by scandal he can’t help the filibuster.

Palin Questions The Nationality of President Barack Obama

You can’t make this up. This is real.

Grayson Flattens Coburn Comparison

This has to be one of the most thought-provoking statements by a politician in years.

GRAYSON: There’s no valid comparison unless lies are now the same as truth. … I mean, I had a Harvard study to back me up. And everybody knows the Republicans haven’t any plan for health care. They still don’t have […]