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Hussein Knew Al Qaqaa Was Unguarded

The Independent. This raises the possibility that the theft of the explosives was the last defiant act of the Hussein regime, right from under US noses as they advanced on Baghdad (and weeks after they had passed through Al Qaqaa itself, leaving it unsecured).

Secret Report Proves Abu Ghraib Cover-Up

Washington Post

Napalm Dropped on Fallujah

Daily Mirror

Kuchma Backs new Elections in Ukraine

This is significant since Yanukovich (the current “winner”) was his hand-picked successor.


Saturday morning, 11:30am CST: AP

“Crazy Man” turns out to be key player in terror case

Well, well, well: NYT

“We are going to pay for this in blood”

LA Times- Think about these Guard soldiers while enjoying those Dallas Cowboys and the other “Thanksgiving” entertainment.

“Some of us are going to die there, and some of us are going to die unnecessarily because of the lack of training,” he said. “So I don’t care. Let them court-martial me. I want the American public […]

A Boot in the Eye

Village Voice reporter explains the “dead-check” policy of the U.S. Marines in Iraq:

In fact, commanders in the Marine Corps during the period I was embedded with them in the spring of 2003 repeatedly emphasized that the men’s actions would not be questioned. As one of the officers in the unit I followed used to […]

Civilians Killed by US snipers

The Independent


Not a hype – not a rumor – Common Cause just received the word in a press release from GAO

UPDATE– AP confirms