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DNC Allocates Michigan, Florida Dels

The Rules and Bylaws Committee of the Democratic Party has spoken, and here is the new math of the result.

What does this mean? Obama wins, and Hillary will not be able to make a huge fight in the convention over Michigan and Florida.

UPDATE: After Puerto Rico, Obama needs just 46 delegates to […]

Bill Clinton Advocated Half Delegate Solution for MI and FL

I have not watched this yet, but I understand this is what he is saying in the video.

Knight-Ridder Team to McClellan: It’s Not News

They were right all along of course, and these are mainstream journalists. They just aren’t inside-the-beltway journalists, a difference which was pointed out in the great Bill Moyers documentary “Buying The War.”

Conyers Calls for McClellan Testimony; White House Says They Will Block It

I would like to see them try telling Scott Mcclellan that he cannot testify to the US House of Representatives, the direct representative of the American people. It will probably never come to that, however.

Top Terror Suspect’s Trial Timed for McCain Nomination by Pentagon

Apparently hundreds of troops and two helicopters to protect him on a dog and pony show is not enough; now the Pentagon wants to campaign for John McCain. They seemed to be hell bent to do injustice and create political circuses with their 400 Guantanamo prisoners any way they can.

McCain Lies Again On Iraq

While he was lying:

“Another suicide bomber driving a police vehicle struck Iraqi commandos earlier Thursday in Mosul, killing three of them and wounding nine other people, according to battalion commander Capt. Aziz Latif.”

Scott McClellan

Reasons to Vote for McSame

Top McCain Econ Adviser in Mortgage Scam

How bad is it? Â Executives advised not to set foot in US to avoid indictment.

GOP Embezzlement Scandal Widens

Thanks to the solid stewardship of my own US Representative Tom Cole. Way to go, Tom, keep up the good work. heartily endorses Tom Cole guiding the re-election efforts of House GOP members for as long as possible into the future. They’re totally broke, by the way.